Thursday, August 25, 2011

Get Happy!

Color Physchology: Yellow

I did a little research to find what yellow can actually do for a space. I've put together a lot of very interesting facts about this amazing color and how you can properly use it! Enjoy!

Yellow is the most visible color so that means it is also the most attention-getting color. Yellow is a color that can be used in a very small amount to quickly draw notice to something. Yellow is the color of sun, that’s why people think it can save them from depression and attempt to use it in the interior to lighten up the mood. However not everything is that simple. Let’s have a look at a few most controversial features of the color yellow:
  • Yellow is the first color the eye sees in daylight.  Thus yellow objects immediately draw attention.
  • Yellow is also the most fatiguing to the eye due to the high amount of light that is reflected. It is hard to perceive the color especially for elderly people.
  • Yellow can also increase the metabolism. It make you feel energetic.
  • Yellow can make you both energetic and aggressive by stimulating brain receptors that may trigger very controversial emotions (from anger to happiness).
  • Yellow is the color of sunshine. It denotes happiness and joy.
  • In nature yellow is used by some animals to warn they are poisonous (or pretend to be). There is a biological reflex built into us that causes even babies to recoil from this signal. People are more likely to lose their tempers in yellow rooms and babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms.
However the controversial nature of the color doesn’t mean you should avoid it completely. Knowing both sides of this complex color will help you to make the most of it. It is recommended to use yellow in entry way, powder room, and halfways as well as transitional areas.

Besides, combinations of yellow with other color may be very powerful:
  • Yellow and Red: Stir imagination and the creative juices and inspire brilliant thinking.
  • Yellow and Purple: Have healing effect, it is believed to be the best color combination for those recovering from illness.
  • Yellow and Orange: Improve appetite (thus used in kitchens, breakfast nooks, and dining rooms)
In conclusion, it should be noted that despite its controversial nature, yellow is an awesome color to use in interior design: use it in moderation and in combination with other colors to achieve powerful effect. Here are just a few brilliant examples of introducing yellow into the interior design:

There are easy ways to add a touch a color in your spaces at home, especially if you're on a budget. Try these top ten things in your own home.
  1. Paint one wall instead of all four.
  2. Make your own pillows for cheap.
  3. Buy some fresh flowers and a cheap vase.
  4. Buy a cute, inexpensive lamp shade and throw it on a lamp you already have.
  5. Your fifth wall - the floor! A simple or pattern rug is a quick and easy way to add color.
  6. Recover a seat cushion or chair you already own.
  7. Buy an old, bulky mirror from Goodwill and paint the frame your favorite color. Then place it on a boring wall and wala!
  8. Support starving artists - they always have random, unique artwork that will liven up any space.
  9. Paint the back of a bookshelf.
  10. Pull out Grandma's handmade quilts; they have tons a color!
Hope you enjoyed today's post! Have a wonderful afternoon!

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